The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ― Eleanor Roosevelt



Some research areas I fixed for my study are Health Communication, Health Informatics, Online Health Information, Social Media, Big Data, Health Campaign, Health Behavior Change, and Health Promotion.

My previous research was the foundation to generate these ideas for my future study. I researched on health and wellness focusing weight loss by collecting data from blogs; healthy eating promotion of MyPlate MyWin Twitter campaign; and people perception of online health information about Zika virus.

In my research, I am more inclined towards using information technology for health since the technological benefit is undeniable in our life. The passion towards technology grew during my IT journalism in an English national daily in Bangladesh. It gave me an excellent insight to understand the impact and usefulness of online technology.

During my journalism career for four years, I observed people’s massive inclination to adopt new technologies such as mobile phones and the Internet, which also reflected in my Facebook page – ‘Balanced Weight, Balanced Life.’ In this page, I put health content regarding health and wellness from different recognized sources targeting my country’s people. Within a short period, thousands of people responded in my page as followers, which also inspired me to use online information for health promotion.