The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ― Eleanor Roosevelt




This is Jamal Uddin. I am working as an adjunct faculty at the Minnesota State University Mankato. Earlier, I completed my Master of Arts in Communication and worked as a teaching assistant for two years. In my school life, I did not have any dream to be a teacher and even to peruse a degree from a foreign educational institution. My dream was limited to getting admission at my country’s top university, Dhaka University, in Bangladesh and then getting a job that might help me lead a simple life.

After completion of my study at the University of Dhaka, I accordingly started my journalism profession. My journalism job in a newspaper opened my eyes to see the world more broadly and inspired me to capitalize on its opportunity. After coming to the USA, my realization has changed and pushed me to see a dream about what I want to be in my future. Here, a dream becomes true if someone has honesty, hardworking mind, and goal towards a destination.

Now, I intent to work for public health. People around the world suffer from different diseases. Many of such diseases are preventable following the information available on the Internet. However, lack of awareness and proper online sources deprive people of utilizing the opportunity to prevent their diseases. Therefore, a database of reliable online health information sources might help a large portion of people to get pertinent information to improve their health at least in primary level. In our society, getting real-time advice from a healthcare center and a professional is a matter of time, affordability, and availability.

The ultimate goal of my research is to promote the online health information as Info Medicine to widen the online benefit to all.

Contact Information:

195 Briargate Road, Apt. I-48,

MN-56001, USA

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