The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ― Eleanor Roosevelt




This is Jamal. I am a Bangladeshi student in the United States of America and working as an adjunct faculty at the Minnesota State University Mankato. Before this appointment, I worked as a teaching assistant for two years. Though in my life, I never think I will be a teacher, and I will see a dream of persuading a degree from a foreign institution because of my socio-economic position. My dream was stuck till Dhaka University admission and for a minimum job that might help me to lead a simple life in my country.

However, later I inspired for further education during my job in a newspaper that opened my eyes to see the world more broadly and take its opportunity. Coming to the USA, my realization changed and pushed me to see a dream about what I want to be in my future. Here, nothing is impossible if someone has honesty, hardworking mind, and goal towards a destination.

Now my journey begins with a dream to be a researcher in public health to promote health utilizing information technology. Health information on the Internet is available by the different health organizations. People who have access to online information and familiar with reliable health sources can avail the opportunity for preventing their diseases or diagnosis for treatment decision. However, a large portion of people are deprived of the opportunity. In our society, getting a real-time advice from a healthcare center and a professional is a matter of time, affordability, and availability.

I look forward to carrying research regarding my interest during my Ph.D. if I get chance in a desired program.

Contact Information:

195 Briargate Road, Apt. I-48,

MN-56001, USA

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